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About Me

I was born on April 9th, 1990 in Buenos Aires; Argentina. I hold a degree in Dramatic Arts from the National University of Art.

My first contact with the theatrical world was during the last year of high school, where I played the main character in the musical “Hairspray”. Since then, I have been always involved with the artistic environment.

My early studies began at the San Martín National Theater with Lorena Vega. Later with Claudio Tolcachir (Timbre 4 School) and Norman Briski (Caliban Theater).

I worked in many self-managed independent theater productions, which gave me plenty of experience on stage. I took part in several projects with renowned directors from the “off circuit” like Lucas Santa Ana, Blanca Rizzo and Claudio Pérsico, among others. 

I did my “stand up” education with Emilio Tamer and vocal techniques with Daniela Basso. Afterwards, I conducted an event with the recognized actor and comedian Martin Bossi. I am still training acting and physical techniques with Daniela Marcozzi and opera singing with Rolando Guy.

I performed like a singer in well known bars from Buenos Aires and Berlin and I also gave theater workshops to children, teenagers and adults from multinational corporations like Tik Tok.

I participated in international films, series and commercials with different directors such as Juan José Campanella, Andy Fogwill, Lars Kraume, Lana Wachowski, Baran bo Odar, Arjen Schotel and Stefan Pflug . Including major brands as Tchibo, Tik Tok, Hansgrohe, Helsana, Actimove, Aida and Smart. I also gave life to different roles in videoclips produced by leading German musicians. I worked in several episodes for DramatizaMe- an independant Ukrainian production company based in Poland. I worked as a performer in the Deutsche Oper Berlin with renowned directors like Vasily Barkhatov and Christian Spuck.

I recently moved to Illes Balears, were I keep on developing as a fully artist within the audiovisual and artistic industry around Europe.


Name: Marcela Sacan
Location: Berlin, Germany / Islas Baleares, Spain
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Specializes in: Theater, portrait, ads, films, performances, editorials, voice over, beauty.










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